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 UC Browser Tricks and Tips | I Tweet Guide
 UC Browser Tricks and Tips | I Tweet Guide

UC Browser is the most popular mobile web browser in the world. Millions of people are using it, maybe you are of them. But, most of those millions don’t know about some cool features of UC Browser, it has some unique and interesting features which most of the browsers don’t offer or have. After using it for pretty long, I thought it would be great to write about some tips and tricks regarding features of UC Browser and how these features can be helpful to you.
So here in this post you will learn about some features (maybe unknown to you) of UC Browser which will give you more power when surfing the web on your mobile device. Even if you are an expert or geek I’m sure that you will find something useful reading this post, make sure to at least check all the headings.
So why waiting, Jump to the main part of the post and check the UC Browser Tips and Tricks Below.

Import-Export-Sync your Bookmarks from UC Browser

You visit many web pages but only few of them are special which are saved in your bookmark. If you use many devices at one go then, you may also need to transfer your bookmarks from the one to another device.
Doing this is pretty easy in UC Browser. You can import, export your bookmarks and even sync them between all your devices.
For doing this go to bookmarks from the Menu in UC Browser and sign in with your account. Now you have to sign in to all your device where you are using the UC Browser so that all these devices can get the bookmarks using the sync feature. You can see the import and export option near the bookmarks, so use them to import your bookmarks and create a backup of them.

Block-Ads using UC Browser

Some websites are damn ugly, because they have ads everywhere. People create them because, they just want to make money by showing ads to the users. Now when you face this kind of problem you normally just avoid the site and use another one. But, what if you really need to access that website.
In these cases UC Browser will help you, there is a built in feature in UC Browser which blocks all the ads on any website. I think they have include this to make web surfing experience faster, but ironically this is pretty helpful also. You can check the ad-blocking settings from the menu of UC Browser.

Find any name word in Page with UC Browser

In case you need to find any specific word or text in any web page you can use the Find in Page feature of UC Browser instead of manually checking the entire document.
Go to the menu, there you will find this feature. I think you will find this find in page feature of uc browser really helpful.

Take Screenshot of Webpages using UC Browser

We often need to take screenshots of webpages, in android you can easily take screenshot by pressing the power button and volume down keys at the same time. But, do you know that you can take screenshots of websites directly from UC Browser itself.
For doing this open menu and in the second tile of menu you will see a screenshot option. Recently they have included some Called UC Doddles with the screenshots feature so now you can add customized doddles to your web screenshots using UC Browser. For doing this you may need to use the latest version of UC Browser.

Enable Night Mode on UC Browser

Night mode is one of the most useful feature which UC Browser has. You can enable light mode from the menu to take care of your eyes at night. It will reduce the screen light to protect your eyes from extra light at night. I love this feature of UC Browser. Whenever I browse the web late night I turn night mode on.

Use Themes to Customize UC Browser

You can use any image you want as a theme for UC Browser. Go to Settings> themes and select any theme available there or you can use any image of your phone as a background image of UC Browser. Using themes is a great idea, this will give a new customized look to your UC Browser.

View Web Sites as Desktop on UC Browser

 Sometimes you may need to visit websites as desktop mode, you can use the UC Browser to do so. Just Go to menu and deselect zoom mode to view websites as desktop device.

Add Random Websites to the Speed Dial of UC Browser
The Speed dial feature of UC browser makes the web browsing faster. You can see that some websites are added to the speed dial as default, but you can remove then just long press on any speed dial and you will see the option to remove that. After you remove the default websites from speed dial you can add any website to that space.
For adding any random website that you have visited before to the speed dial (homepage and new tab) of UC Browser you have to go to history on UC Browser (from menu) and tap on the page which you want to add to speed dial and then click on add it to the speed dial.

Share Webpages to Social Networks from UC Browser

Now a day’s most of the popular websites have a build in sharing option so that you can share those web pages website on social media. But, in case you are unable to find those share buttons you can manually share the web pages on various popular social media networks like Facebook, twitter, Google plus and etc. using UC Browser.


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