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How to Become Top Rated at Badoo - Badoo is extremely popular to publish pictures on the web. You‘ll often wonder that is taking a look at your photos as well as what they think about you. Badoo is a web community that enables its members to rate one another. Additionally they let you observe who has got rated you as well as what rating they gave you.

How to Become Badoo Top Rated | I Tweet Guide
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How to Vote for Top Rated at Badoo

  • Choose or take photographs. You‘ll need a minimum of three pictures before any person can rate yourself on Badoo. Have fun taking pictures or pick from the recent photos. Pick photos that complement you and show off your very best property.
  • Upload your photos. Badoo makes uploading your pictures super easy. Go through “terms of use” before you decide to upload any photographs. There will be rules and regulations which you must follow like a participant in Badoo.

  • Wait. Wait and see as other members review your photos and rate them. It might take a bit of time before it causes you to become top rated on Badoo. So long as you remain active on Badoo, you‘ll become top rated before you will know it.
  • Rate other members. By rating other members, this‘ll increase visitors to your profile. Hopefully, this‘ll increase your rating as others go to your profile. This also will help care your rating high after you have turn into a top-rated user.
  • Turn into a “Top-Rated” user. Once your average gets high enough, you‘ll turn into a top-rated member. Badoo also allows you to look for other top-rated users in your town or worldwide.

Top Rated Badoo Tips & Warnings

  1. Update and alter photos regularly.
  2. Be mindful of any information you share on the web. 


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