How to Upload Photos on Badoo

Sharing photos on the web is really a common method to share your memories with friends or family who aren‘t located near you. Some people share their photos in online communities. One such community is Badoo. Like a participant in Badoo, you can upload and share your photos.

How to Upload Photos on Badoo | I Tweet Guide

Possess the photos you would like to use ready. You‘ll need to possess them with your computer in an effort to successfully upload an image to Badoo. First, ensure your photo is in GIF, JPG, BMP, PNG, or TIFF format. Second, the dimensions of your respective photo should be lower than 5 Mb. Finally the dimensions of your respective photo should be a minimum of 300 pixels.

 1. Log in your Badoo account.

 2. Click the "Create New Entry" link. This link lets you create entries. You are able to upload only one photo or as much as fifty photos per entry. Inside a sense, it lets you have albums with specific items.

 3. Provide a entry a title and description. Giving your entry a title, it helps one to identify it later. A description lets other members roughly really know what your photos are about. Remember that you‘re not limited to the amount of entries you are able to have.

 4. Upload your photos. Click the "add photos and video" link. You‘ll then browse your computer to the photos you want upload to Badoo. You are able to select greater than one photo at any given time by holding through "Ctrl " key. After you‘ve selected the photos, click the "Finish" button and review your entry. If everything is okay, then click the "Create Entry" link in the bottom from the page.


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