How to Start Chat Badoo

If you‘re seeking to share your daily life with the people of the globe, then Badoo is that the site for you personally. Members from all over the planet post their profiles upon the site in an effort to connect along with users. Share your thinking by writing your own personal Badoo blog entry.

How To Chat at Badoo

  • Sign in or join Badoo. When you have never registered like a member, you must do this first before posting a brand new Badoo entry. After filling out a registration form and confirming your email, you will be ready to log in.
  • Find “Create New Entry” at the highest of your respective Badoo homepage. You’re then redirected to a really simple entry form.
  • Give the blog entry a title and show you story. At the highest from the page, Badoo provides some writing suggestions, but you are able to post anything you want.

  • Upload a photograph or video to incorporate using the entry. You are able to make people feel as if they shared the experience along with you by adding photos within your entry. You are able to typically fit a few pictures with your Badoo entry.
  • Alter privacy settings. Before you decide to submit the new entry, make a decision who are able to view your entry. You are able to allow admittance to members only, friends only or nobody besides yourself.
  • Edit or delete your Badoo entry from the profile page. If you need to see other members’ entries, visit their profiles.

How To Chat in Badoo Tips & Warnings

  1. Remember to examine often for comments within your entries. You may also post comments with other member’s entries.
  2. Don’t post any raunchy or explicit pics along with your Badoo entry. This violates the site’s terms of use policy.


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