Snapchat Rainbow Makeup Tutorial

It was eventually lower than a month ago, celebrities were going crazy for Snapchat's new Lenses feature, that lets users do unusual stuff like transform themselves into terrifying demons and vomit rainbows.

Snapchat Rainbow Makeup Tutorial | I Tweet Guide

It wasn't long until the quirky feature was faraway from the addictive app, but the thought of barfing rainbows clearly struck a chord with many, and in fact now many are hoping to manually recreate the effect through creative Halloween costume makeup.

The 'rainbow vomit' lens lasted only a few weeks on Snapchat, It is influence was far-reaching with friends, family, and celebrities suddenly turn bug-eyed and puking what seemed to be technicolor vomit.

Beauty Vlogger Brittaney coming from the Getting Pretty channel on YouTube has filmed a whole tutorial that explains how you can add the ideal makeup in an effort to create the ideal puking rainbow effect.

You are able to experience the design all over again using this easy Halloween makeup tutorial from YouTube user GettingPretty. It is a creative idea that will make for any great last-minute costume (and conversation-starter ) upon the cheap. Have a look !

Anyways I seriously hope you guys enjoy this puking rainbow snapchat tutorial and don’t forget to share !


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