How to Use Snapchat - Signing Up

Snapchat is really a picture-based chatting app that has brought the planet by storm. If you need to fall into upon the fun, starting out only takes a couple of minutes. Once you are signed up for the account, you can start sending photo and video Snaps immediately. You will also have the ability to video chat along with your Snapchat friends. Remember, Snaps are gone once they are viewed !

1. Download and install the app. You will need the Snapchat app to make an account and utilize the service. You can't produce a Snapchat account given by a computer. You are able to download the Snapchat app at no cost coming from the Google Play Store and also the Apple App Store. Snapchat accounts are free.

How to Use Snapchat - I Tweet Guide
Download and Install Snapchat app

2. Tap "Sign Up" after launching the app. This‘ll take you with the account creation process.

Use Snapchat - I Tweet Guide
Sign Up Snapchat

3. Enter your account details. You will be prompted to enter your current email, birthday, and to produce a password. Be certain the current email is valid, as you will need it in case you ever wish to reset your password. You will also should be a minimum of 13 years of age to make your account.

Account Snapchat - I Tweet Guide
Account Detail Snapchat

4. Produce a username. You will need to produce a unique username that‘ll be displayed with other Snapchat users. Ensure that it does not contain any personal information. You would not have the ability to change this username later, so ensure you such as the name.

Username Snapchat - I Tweet Guide
Username Snapchat

  • If you need to alter username later, you will need to produce a new account.

5. Verify your number (optional ). Snapchat will prompt one to verify your phone number via SMS. Verifying your number lets you reset your password via text, but Isn‘t necessary to make an account.

Verify Account Snapchat - I Tweet Guide
Verify Account Snapchat

6. Prove that you are human. Snapchat would require one to select the correct images before your account is created. This really is to avoid bots from creating accounts automatically. Tap "Continue" after selecting the images using the Snapchat ghost on them.

Verification Snapchat Ghost - I Tweet Guide
Verification Snapchat Ghost

7. Add friends from the phone's contact list (optional ). Snapchat will scan your phone's address book to seem for some individuals that are using Snapchat. You are able to skip this if you would like by tapping "Continue" and then "Not Allow."

snapchat access your contacts - I Tweet Guide
Snapchat access your contacts (Optional)


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