How To Use Line B612 Selfie Camera

B612 Camera Selfie, the camera app made especially for Selfies. This extremely simple camera app aims to strip away any unnecessary features and focuses solely on making selfies look more beautiful and fabulous.

Recommended for an additional kinds of people :
  • Those who wish to take cool or gorgeous pictures of themselves.
  • Those who wish to take photos of themselves for their social network profiles.
  • Those who wish to take good looking photos with the friends.
  • Those who wish to take pics for their blogs.

B612 Camera Selfie | I Tweet Guide

How you can Take and Save Photos

B612 only uses the front-facing camera and enables you are taking selfies with one hand as tapping anywhere upon the screen closes the shutter. The front-facing camera starts up when you begin the app, so there aren‘t any confusing settings required.

Line B612 Selfie Camera | I Tweet Guide

Also, since photos aren’t automatically saved, you are able to take as much as you would like because unneeded photos won’t be saved within your folder. Once you’ve taken a pleasant shot you want to stay, just tap the Save button in the bottom right !

 Line B612 Selfie Camera | I Tweet Guide

The shutter doesn’t have a sound when it closes, so that you could take photos anywhere without worrying about who’s around you.

43 Filters Designed Especially for Selfies

A total of 43 filters include B612, from people who provide a gentle feel to people who add a sharp touch within your photos. Have fun choosing the filter that best matches your mood using this choice of filters optimized for selfie taking.

Line B612 Selfie Camera | I Tweet Guide

Tap the Random icon to alter to some random filter. You may also change filters just by swiping over the screen, allowing you to locate your favorite filters all with one hand.

B612 Selfie Camera | I Tweet Guide

The filter is applied during the screen while you’re disassembling the photo so that you could see how It‘ll come out prior to taking it. Enjoy simpler, easier to make use of filters with B612 !

Soft-Focusing with No Prior Setup Required !

B612 automatically recognizes people, focusing from the background to spotlight faces and bodies. You’ll be surprised just how professional looking your photos come out !

Comes By having an Easy-to-Use Collage Feature Too !

All that you need to do to make use of the app’s Collage feature, and that is great when ever you would like to upload photos to blogs or social networking sites, is tap the icon in the bottom left from the screen before taking a photograph.

How To Use Line B612 Selfie Camera | I Tweet Guide

Once you are doing, you are able to flip between different filters individually until you discover the ideal one for the photo.

How To Use Line B612 Selfie Camera

B612 was named for perhaps one of the planets the prince coming from the novella “The Little Prince” lived on. This app is certain to prove indispensable, whether you employ it to bring that perfect shot, for photos along with your friends, or to stay a record of your respective daily life. Enjoy taking gorgeous selfies with B612 !

App available on the IOS version: ITunes
App available on Android version: Google Play



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