10 Tricks Snapchat You Should Know

It would appear that all of us have their nose with their phone lately, so we know why : Snapchat ! The app is so freakin' addictive, you actually can't blame your pals for constantly checking their feeds and uploading snaps. You are probably hooked too, which collection of easy Snapchat hacks is merely visiting continue to keep your addiction worse. You are going to want to bring benefit of these underrated features.
snapchat - tap to take a photo - hold to take a video | I Tweet Guide
snapchat - tap to take a photo - hold to take a video | iTweetGuide.com

  1. Blow up emoji characters : In order to make emoji big - really big - type the one you would like to use striking the "T" symbol inside the upper right corner. Then, with two fingers, zoom in and from the emoji to really make it bigger or smaller.
  2. See who watched your story : Want to understand exactly who's been taking a look at your snaps? Tap in your story and you may see an eyeball with variety next in with it. Tap regarding that eyeball and you may obtain a drop-down list using the names of all of your followers who saw it.
  3. Tap - do not hold - stories and snaps to discover them : You will no longer need to hold down on the story or individual snap to view it. Instead, just tap along with your finger. You are able to still hit the screen to skip a story and move onto subsequent one. Wish to exit a story? Simply swipe down.
  4. Switch between cameras while filming video : You can now create videos of your respective face and also your POV by swapping between front-facing and rear cameras in your snaps. Finally !
  5. Write multiple lines of text : The key to adding paragraphs of text within your snaps is much easier than you'd expect.
  6. Create your own personal geofilter : if you are artistically inclined, you do not have to await Snapchat to design a location-based art filter - simply make your own personal !
  7. Use real-time video chatting : You are able to call your Snapchat contacts for any video call by applying this fun feature - just do not take your finger from the screen !
  8. Skip through boring stories : You do not have to watch all 240 seconds of your respective friend's obnoxiously loud concert snaps - simply tap your screen to hop through snaps on somebody else's story.
  9. Send cash with Snapcash : Not really a fan of Venmo? No problem. Manage on-the-go transactions with Snapchat's money-transfer feature.
  10. Discover hidden colors : By dragging your finger coming from the rainbow color options box to varied corners of your respective phone's screen, you are able to discover shades like black, white, and pink - all that hidden to iPhone users. (See white and black in action below. )


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