Tips for Line B612 Camera Selfie app

Line B612 Camera Selfie app has really impressive and smart filters which will enable you to take a little amazing photos. It is extremely simple to make use of app with many features. You may have seen numerous camera apps out there. And lots of individuals could be happy using a similar. But Line B612 Selfie is bit different with a great many items that can help you in taking some amazing photos. The camera app lets you take great selfie and you may take much more beautiful photos through a similar.

Tips for Line B612 Camera Selfie | I Tweet Guide

So I‘m visiting show you a way through which you‘ll utilize the app and take great photos. Line B612 Camera Selfie is a superb camera app which has ample of filters through which you‘ll take photos that fabulous. So I‘m visiting write articles on the peoples who will get take pleasure in the app.

Using Line B612 Camera Selfie app to capture photos and saving them with your device :

Line B612 Camera Selfie | I Tweet Guide

This one is that the first process. Line B612 Selfie app requires take amazing portrait photos. Here it indicates the app will certainly use your front camera to bring the photo. It doesn‘t work with the rear camera.
  1. Install Line B612 Camera Selfie app with your android Smartphone.
  2. The next matter you need to do is tap upon the screen to bring photos. You‘ll hear the click sound.
  3. The app works using the front facing camera and there‘s very less settings.
  4. When you take photos It‘ll save them automatically whenever you select one. For instance you have captured around 4 photos. It‘ll save just one you want among others will certainly be removed.
  5. During this app. the shutter sound Isn‘t available that doesn‘t draws anyone attention When you‘re taking photos.
Line B612 Camera Selfie app Filters :
  • The app brings out 43 different filters that only designed to bring selfie. Which means you are able to take your portrait images in various modes through a similar. The app works alright and also has as very simple filter to reach for.
  • You‘ve alternative to select from 43 different filters and you may just choose which makes your photo look gorgeous and save it. There will be various filters that you may apply on the idea of your respective mood.
  • To discover a preview you only need to tap upon the filter and that‘ll be applied upon the screen but it won‘t use photo. It‘ll save only whenever you tap the save button. Before that you may just choose different filters and find out preview.
  • Therefore here you are able to see how amazing Line B612 Selfie app is. The soft focus feature of the app is basically amazing. It provides you the output that you will be attempting to find inside a very impressive way. It captures images extremely fast and accurate. You will get amazing pictures that detailed and clear. You are able to continue to keep your dull images good by applying different filters on a single.
Line B612 Selfie Camera | I Tweet Guide

More Tips for Line B612 Camera Selfie :

Line B612 Selfie app Soft-Focusing

Line B612 Selfie app has a really smart feature of enabling soft concentrate on your images. Soft focus means the app will automatically fade the background. It doesn‘t make a difference that is behind you. It‘ll result in the image to appear sharper

Line B612 Selfie app Collage tool

Line B612 Selfie app also comes loaded with a really simple to use Collage feature. Which means you are able to make a sensible collage of your respective images and share that along with your friends in your favourite social networking website. It is extremely simple to use and also has impressive features. It‘s fast and effective tool to decorate your images as per your need.

How To Use Line B612 Selfie Camera

B612 Camera Selfie, the camera app made especially for Selfies. This extremely simple camera app aims to strip away any unnecessary features and focuses solely on making selfies look more beautiful and fabulous.

Recommended for an additional kinds of people :
  • Those who wish to take cool or gorgeous pictures of themselves.
  • Those who wish to take photos of themselves for their social network profiles.
  • Those who wish to take good looking photos with the friends.
  • Those who wish to take pics for their blogs.

B612 Camera Selfie | I Tweet Guide

How you can Take and Save Photos

B612 only uses the front-facing camera and enables you are taking selfies with one hand as tapping anywhere upon the screen closes the shutter. The front-facing camera starts up when you begin the app, so there aren‘t any confusing settings required.

Line B612 Selfie Camera | I Tweet Guide

Also, since photos aren’t automatically saved, you are able to take as much as you would like because unneeded photos won’t be saved within your folder. Once you’ve taken a pleasant shot you want to stay, just tap the Save button in the bottom right !

 Line B612 Selfie Camera | I Tweet Guide

The shutter doesn’t have a sound when it closes, so that you could take photos anywhere without worrying about who’s around you.

43 Filters Designed Especially for Selfies

A total of 43 filters include B612, from people who provide a gentle feel to people who add a sharp touch within your photos. Have fun choosing the filter that best matches your mood using this choice of filters optimized for selfie taking.

Line B612 Selfie Camera | I Tweet Guide

Tap the Random icon to alter to some random filter. You may also change filters just by swiping over the screen, allowing you to locate your favorite filters all with one hand.

B612 Selfie Camera | I Tweet Guide

The filter is applied during the screen while you’re disassembling the photo so that you could see how It‘ll come out prior to taking it. Enjoy simpler, easier to make use of filters with B612 !

Soft-Focusing with No Prior Setup Required !

B612 automatically recognizes people, focusing from the background to spotlight faces and bodies. You’ll be surprised just how professional looking your photos come out !

Comes By having an Easy-to-Use Collage Feature Too !

All that you need to do to make use of the app’s Collage feature, and that is great when ever you would like to upload photos to blogs or social networking sites, is tap the icon in the bottom left from the screen before taking a photograph.

How To Use Line B612 Selfie Camera | I Tweet Guide

Once you are doing, you are able to flip between different filters individually until you discover the ideal one for the photo.

How To Use Line B612 Selfie Camera

B612 was named for perhaps one of the planets the prince coming from the novella “The Little Prince” lived on. This app is certain to prove indispensable, whether you employ it to bring that perfect shot, for photos along with your friends, or to stay a record of your respective daily life. Enjoy taking gorgeous selfies with B612 !

App available on the IOS version: ITunes
App available on Android version: Google Play


How to Get Snapchat Geofilters Anywhere

Geofilters on Snapchat are one among our favorite elements of Snapchat. We’ve been blown away from the creativity from the Snapchat community, and we’ve loved watching the personality of each and every place emerge over your artwork. To date, almost a split million Community Geofilters happen to be submitted, and each day, Snaps overlaid with Geofilters are viewed many millions of times !

We initially designed Community Geofilters for public places — however we kept hearing from Snapchatters who wanted a Geofilter for their business or private event, so today we’re announcing anything new :

On-Demand Geofilters let you create and publish a Geofilter for the party, wedding, business, or other place or event. It’s an enjoyable method to help your pals or customers decorate their Snaps, wherever they‘re !

How it really works :
  • Design : Use your favorite image editor to produce a filter. We’ve also provided some templates which are compatible with Photoshop and Illustrator to help you get started.
  • Map :  Pick a geofence where your filter will appear, then choose the some serious amounts of dates you would like your Geofilter to become available.
  • Buy : Submit your Geofilter. Our team will quickly review it and, assuming all is well, have it up and running.

You can purchase On-Demand Geofilters for a meeting or perhaps a whole block — for the hour or as much as thirty days ! Pricing starts at $5, and depends upon a couple of factors including, among others, the dimensions of your respective geofence and also the period of time you’ve chosen. On-Demand Geofilters can be found now inside the US, UK, and Canada, with increased locations coming soon !

Get started at here

Soft Launching Clash Royale

The chief reason to play Clash Royale right Now‘s that it can be really, really fun. It will a great job to combine the very best elements of CCGs with the very best elements of MOBAs. The cards you employ to summon your units possess a bunch of variety, and you may play to your own personal strategy while you go and unlock even more of the cards. The battles get intense, as it is quite possible for just one smart play to alter the tide of battle. Counter an opponent's Giant and Mini P. E. K. K. A. with something as a skeleton army, then drop a prince that they cannot counter since they ran from elixir, and it also feels great. I favor playing defensive ; if I win 1-0, that is quite fine by me, I am not everything focused on trying to get the king's tower. You need to keep an eye on what your opponent's deck as well as what you'd expect their elixir count to become. Playing smart to begin with 2 minutes is vital, however the overall game gets crazy during the past minute plus overtime with double elixir. Clash Royale is very likely to turn into a huge phenomenon. The 3-4 minute game structure is perfect for mobile. I assumed Call of Champions Free had this found out, however this could be more appropriately. It is super-easy and approachable to obtain into your game at any moment. Clash Royale's tutorial teaches you how you can play, but does not a person locked set for too long before letting you go out and play for real. And also the session length is perfect : at one point, I accidentally started a game, and did not feel harmful to playing it because I knew I did not have an enormous commitment. And also the game's chest system causes it to be to ensure that one win often goes quite a distance, as it is something that could provide you with a reward... eventually.

Why must you fall into now, though? Well, there is already a very good audience going for the overall game, having a bunch of players and clans found out from all during the globe already. This feels like it is inside the nascent stages from being subsequent phenomenon like Clash of Clans Free. If this intrigues you, why wait? The overall game syncs up progress via cloud-based accounts ; you lose nothing whenever you reinstall on your residence account so that you could buy IAP afterward. The overall game feels as a finished product, in need of whatever gameplay and monetization balance It‘ll receive. The overall game could release worldwide at any moment. Another big reason to play now? You are able to understand how to play with other consumers. Unlike a MOBA, you are likely behind other enthusiasts that are acquainted with the genre in general. Even a brand new game could be daunting. Clash Royale uses lots of familiar elements, but it is a whole new concoction. Should you get in now, you are able to play while individuals are still learning and discovering the tricks to how everything works and just how strategies should work out. It is type of the same as a fighting game online right at release – you‘ve got actually got an attempt at doing well ! The matchmaking already does a very good job at putting you with players around your skill, but hey – fall into as the getting's good.

One more reason to obtain in is this will convince you that free-to-play games could be fun without having to pay. I have insert cursory efforts to obtain Canadian iTunes credit, sure. I would not mind unlocking more chests to obtain more cards to undertake out other rare units and get a lot more upgrades, sure. However the matchmaking regardless ensures you are around people of similar skills. You are able to play this game and bring about your clan without sinking in a money. Granted, like pretty much any CCG, the people that sink in loads of cash will be the highest tiers of players because they've obtained the foremost opportunities to obtain the best stuff. But hey, if you are playing a game and care about this much, why not purchase it? But whenever you are playing a game that is free-to-play without even having a chance to pay, you realize just how fun it may actually be. And understanding how to min-max the overall game is fun in and of itself. Plus, in case you determine what you‘re doing along with your deck and join a cool clan, they could hook you up with what you‘ll need if you are ready to donate back. But at the conclusion of them all, you have to play this because it is a large number of fun. Everyone's likely going to be referring to it when it goes global. Do you wish to miss this opportunity to become a hipster about the overall game and say you had been playing it before it was eventually cool?

Please Note :
Android Gem prices in places outside from the soft launch countries is a bit irregular throughout the soft launch period. The reason being we have not officially launched during these countries yet and also the prices are auto-converted driven by currencies from the soft launch countries. This really is only temporary, however, and also the prices will certainly be defined correctly once Clash Royale goes global in March !

Get it on Google Play. See you in the Arena!

Dual WhatsApp Account

Dual WhatsApp Account I I Tweet Guide

Run 2 Whatsapp Accounts : Today i will be able to show you how will you install 2 whatsapp accounts in single android Phone and run 2 whatsapp accounts. Whatsapp tricks are much popular lately, part of them is Dual Whatsapp account lately I‘m 100% Sure you‘ve tried many methods for install 2 whatsapp and you also didn’t got success yet, Don’t worry, using this guide you‘ll able to operate multiple whatsapp accounts in same android phone. lately also trending whatsapp for dual sim phones. And so i searched plenty about installing dual / multiple whatsapp accounts in same android phone and lastly today i got a solution for that.

2 Whatsapp in single android phone

For Use Multiple accounts with your android phone some guides needs root, which Isn‘t suitable way of all android users, using this guide you are able to install dual whatsapp accounts with your android phone without rooting it. Whatsapp is now biggest supply of Sending text messaging via android phone, Mobile phones are coming with dual sim feature too, so why not install 2 whatsapp accounts in same android phone.

Dual Whatsapp Method : Let’s enjoy this awesome feature. Whatsapp is now biggest and popular messaging app with 700 million active users. Many of the users wishes to run dual whatsapp accounts with their android phones, When you have tried OG Whatsapp method and then it provides you with obsolute error, Therefore here i‘m sharing a method to operate multiple whatsapp accounts without Og Whatsapp Method.

Features Of Dual Whatsapp App
  • No Root Needed
  • No Obsolute Error like Og Whatsapp
  • Working Smooth
  • Calling Feature Preactivated
  • Material Design

Requirements for Run Dual Whatsapp in Single Android Phone
  • Android Phone
  • Works With Rooted and Non Rooted Both Phones.
  • Internet Connection
  • Common Sense for Understand This Easy Guide

Steps To Install 2 WhatsApp Account in Same Android Phone
1. At First Download GBWhatsApp app came from here – GBWhatsApp
2. Now Just Install GBWhatsApp app with your Phone which you‘ve downloaded from Above Step

Dual WhatsApp Account | I Tweet Guide

3. After Install GBWhatsApp app Open It

Dual WhatsApp Account | I Tweet Guide

4. Click Agree and Continue

Dual WhatsApp Account | I Tweet Guide

5. After It Will Verify your Number

Dual WhatsApp Account | I Tweet Guide

6. Now You Have your Real Whatsapp Account in GBWhatsApp.

Dual WhatsApp Account | I Tweet Guide

7. Create New Account in It which you would like to use Second account

Dual WhatsApp Account | I Tweet Guide

Done.. Now your Phone Is Running Two Whatsapp Accounts in Same Android Phone With no Problems.

When you have any problems or Suggestions while using This Trick then twenty-four hours a day comment here. It was my easy and dealing guide for use 2 whatsapp accounts in one android phone. If you‘re facing any Problems while by applying this trick then you are able to Comment here. This process Isn‘t depending on any OG Whatsapp app which provides always errors. This really is fresh and New way of running Multiple whatsapp accounts in Single android phone. Whatsapp Tricks are much popular lately so i‘m shared this 100% Working way of running multiple whatsapp accounts in same android phone without getting any error.

It was the foremost Simple Way of running 2 Whatsapp accounts in one Android Phone. However, There‘s also another methods like 2 line whatsapp etc. But this process is best for myself. I‘ve tried first & then share it here that it’s working perfectly. So if you feel attempting to find this process, then you‘re at the ideal place. possess a view it. Do you will such as this post. In case you liked, then share this post on via sharing Buttons Below. When you have any issues while by applying this Guide, then twenty-four hours a day comment below. Thanks for visiting. keep visit here for additional stuffs such as this.

Snapchat Rainbow Makeup Tutorial

It was eventually lower than a month ago, celebrities were going crazy for Snapchat's new Lenses feature, that lets users do unusual stuff like transform themselves into terrifying demons and vomit rainbows.

Snapchat Rainbow Makeup Tutorial | I Tweet Guide

It wasn't long until the quirky feature was faraway from the addictive app, but the thought of barfing rainbows clearly struck a chord with many, and in fact now many are hoping to manually recreate the effect through creative Halloween costume makeup.

The 'rainbow vomit' lens lasted only a few weeks on Snapchat, It is influence was far-reaching with friends, family, and celebrities suddenly turn bug-eyed and puking what seemed to be technicolor vomit.

Beauty Vlogger Brittaney coming from the Getting Pretty channel on YouTube has filmed a whole tutorial that explains how you can add the ideal makeup in an effort to create the ideal puking rainbow effect.

You are able to experience the design all over again using this easy Halloween makeup tutorial from YouTube user GettingPretty. It is a creative idea that will make for any great last-minute costume (and conversation-starter ) upon the cheap. Have a look !

Anyways I seriously hope you guys enjoy this puking rainbow snapchat tutorial and don’t forget to share !

How To Get Snapchat Lenses

You are able to make Snaps much more fun by adding real-time special effects and sounds with Lenses !

To make use of Lenses in Snapchat follow the steps below :
  1. Navigate to the Camera screen in Snapchat.
  2. Press and hold on the face ! Lens options will appear below.
  3. Swipe left to select the Lens you would like to use.
  4. Follow any action prompts that appear, like ‘Raise Your Eyebrows. ’
  5. Tap the capture button to bring a Snap, or press and hold upon the capture button to record a video.

We try our better to support Lenses on as much devices as you can, but because of technical limitations Lenses aren’t supported on some devices.

Here are a few general guidelines for what’s supported :

Lenses are supported on most devices with Android 4. 3 and above.

Lenses are supported on most iPhone 5, iPad 4, and iPod 6th generation and above.

Having problems with Snapchat Lenses? Please submit a report here

Note from support Snapchat: We closed the Lens Store January 8, 2016. You are able to still utilize the Lenses you purchased repeatedly, and also the ones available at no cost daily !

Credit: Snapchat Support

10 Tricks Snapchat You Should Know

It would appear that all of us have their nose with their phone lately, so we know why : Snapchat ! The app is so freakin' addictive, you actually can't blame your pals for constantly checking their feeds and uploading snaps. You are probably hooked too, which collection of easy Snapchat hacks is merely visiting continue to keep your addiction worse. You are going to want to bring benefit of these underrated features.
snapchat - tap to take a photo - hold to take a video | I Tweet Guide
snapchat - tap to take a photo - hold to take a video |

  1. Blow up emoji characters : In order to make emoji big - really big - type the one you would like to use striking the "T" symbol inside the upper right corner. Then, with two fingers, zoom in and from the emoji to really make it bigger or smaller.
  2. See who watched your story : Want to understand exactly who's been taking a look at your snaps? Tap in your story and you may see an eyeball with variety next in with it. Tap regarding that eyeball and you may obtain a drop-down list using the names of all of your followers who saw it.
  3. Tap - do not hold - stories and snaps to discover them : You will no longer need to hold down on the story or individual snap to view it. Instead, just tap along with your finger. You are able to still hit the screen to skip a story and move onto subsequent one. Wish to exit a story? Simply swipe down.
  4. Switch between cameras while filming video : You can now create videos of your respective face and also your POV by swapping between front-facing and rear cameras in your snaps. Finally !
  5. Write multiple lines of text : The key to adding paragraphs of text within your snaps is much easier than you'd expect.
  6. Create your own personal geofilter : if you are artistically inclined, you do not have to await Snapchat to design a location-based art filter - simply make your own personal !
  7. Use real-time video chatting : You are able to call your Snapchat contacts for any video call by applying this fun feature - just do not take your finger from the screen !
  8. Skip through boring stories : You do not have to watch all 240 seconds of your respective friend's obnoxiously loud concert snaps - simply tap your screen to hop through snaps on somebody else's story.
  9. Send cash with Snapcash : Not really a fan of Venmo? No problem. Manage on-the-go transactions with Snapchat's money-transfer feature.
  10. Discover hidden colors : By dragging your finger coming from the rainbow color options box to varied corners of your respective phone's screen, you are able to discover shades like black, white, and pink - all that hidden to iPhone users. (See white and black in action below. )

How to Use Snapchat - Signing Up

Snapchat is really a picture-based chatting app that has brought the planet by storm. If you need to fall into upon the fun, starting out only takes a couple of minutes. Once you are signed up for the account, you can start sending photo and video Snaps immediately. You will also have the ability to video chat along with your Snapchat friends. Remember, Snaps are gone once they are viewed !

1. Download and install the app. You will need the Snapchat app to make an account and utilize the service. You can't produce a Snapchat account given by a computer. You are able to download the Snapchat app at no cost coming from the Google Play Store and also the Apple App Store. Snapchat accounts are free.

How to Use Snapchat - I Tweet Guide
Download and Install Snapchat app

2. Tap "Sign Up" after launching the app. This‘ll take you with the account creation process.

Use Snapchat - I Tweet Guide
Sign Up Snapchat

3. Enter your account details. You will be prompted to enter your current email, birthday, and to produce a password. Be certain the current email is valid, as you will need it in case you ever wish to reset your password. You will also should be a minimum of 13 years of age to make your account.

Account Snapchat - I Tweet Guide
Account Detail Snapchat

4. Produce a username. You will need to produce a unique username that‘ll be displayed with other Snapchat users. Ensure that it does not contain any personal information. You would not have the ability to change this username later, so ensure you such as the name.

Username Snapchat - I Tweet Guide
Username Snapchat

  • If you need to alter username later, you will need to produce a new account.

5. Verify your number (optional ). Snapchat will prompt one to verify your phone number via SMS. Verifying your number lets you reset your password via text, but Isn‘t necessary to make an account.

Verify Account Snapchat - I Tweet Guide
Verify Account Snapchat

6. Prove that you are human. Snapchat would require one to select the correct images before your account is created. This really is to avoid bots from creating accounts automatically. Tap "Continue" after selecting the images using the Snapchat ghost on them.

Verification Snapchat Ghost - I Tweet Guide
Verification Snapchat Ghost

7. Add friends from the phone's contact list (optional ). Snapchat will scan your phone's address book to seem for some individuals that are using Snapchat. You are able to skip this if you would like by tapping "Continue" and then "Not Allow."

snapchat access your contacts - I Tweet Guide
Snapchat access your contacts (Optional)