BBM Theme Transparent (BBM MOD transparent)

This fact, in in the modern era of advanced technology, nothing can be done through the use of internet. It is clearly evident that as long as there is an internet connection, everything is really possible to be done quickly, very easily, and in a proper way. These days, the Internet has become most people's needs whether it is for use on their laptops, computers, tablets, or it is to use smart phones and other android devices. If a few years ago, some applications such as Blackberry Messenger (BBM) which is used only by those who have the blackberry mobile phones, today every android device has the ability to be installed Blackberry Messenger (BBM).

Practically, if you have not previously know about the BBM transparent theme, then you need to know first about this. The theme of this BBM is about the application theme is really interesting from free messaging and telephone services of the BBM. The theme of this BBM works based on the Android mobile device platform. By installing BBM transparent theme, you will easily be able to get something amazing on the theme of the background every time you open your BBM. This incredible application will also be very useful to help you to chat with friends and colleagues as usual.

This way, you will also be able to avoid any boredom in the face of your BBM standard screen. In the long term, this theme transparent BBM will bring you to have an experience that is so great by beautify your phone screen. With the era of advanced technology, it will be quite easy for you to be able to download themes attractive BBM for tablet or smart phone or android device.

BBM apk transparent theme for the latest version of the BBM must be installed on your Android smartphone or tablet. those who want to have a transparent background that adorn the Blackberry messenger interface should be like this. because you can choose any background image or color and appear whenever you launch BBM.

And all of this is transparent BBM apk theme is presented with screenshots so you will get a clear picture of the theme of what it would look like . and of course will help you decide whether you want to install a theme or not . And all transparent file BBM encased theme apk extension , which is understandable because it is the only supported the extension to the Android system .

People are invited to download and then install the transparent file BBM theme they like , without the need to spend money , because it is free , provided you have an android based device then you qualify .
And installing BBM transparent theme here is exactly the same as install apk file for Android OS . And remember before installing it , make sure you uninstall the existing BBM from your android.

Screenshot BBM Theme Transparent

From the picture above can be seen some parts of the transparent BBM Mod applications, use only background wallpaper, looks so transparent.

How to install is still the same, you must uninstall the old version, then install the new BBM themes transparent. Here are some of the features available in Apps, please read first.

Apps Information
  • Name of App : BBM- you can download from here
  • Versions App :
  • Size of App : 14.3 Mb

What's New:
  • Transparant Background
  • Move to SDCard
  • Running Text
  • Second play the tab bar
  • Big DP in setting
  • Toggle music
  • Auto Rotate
  • Refresh BBM
  • Enter key in setting
  • Notif flickering
  • PM runs
  • Private Mode
  • Hide ADS


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