Easiest Way to Get Gold

I posted Easiest Way to Get Diamond before
Now in this post i will share about easiest way to get gold

1. Cube
Exactly the same to get diamond, gold can also be obtain from cube. You can get 3000 ~ 5000 or more from wood cube, meanwhile silver can give you around 10.000 ~ 15.000 or more

2. Diamond Class / Premium Class

choose the class that pays with diamond not gold
this is the fastest + risky way, because if you lose, you may lose 20 / 100 diamonds.
I suggest if you are looking for gold, play in diamond class, premium class is too risky while the gold that you will get only 10.000 gold difference.

Why do i say play in Diamond Class is the easiest way to get gold? I will explain the calculation
You must be understand that the higher the class, the higher point and gold you will get?

Play in First Class, you must pay 3000 gold for the ticket plus item that you will use 1000 untukfor odd even + 300 for double dice + 500 for double allowance = 1.500 gold + random card 500 (and each time you change card to get angel will cost 300 each)

Total gold you will spend in 1 game in First Class will be
3000(tiket)+1500(item)+500~(random card) = 5000~ or more
and then you win the game and get only around 4000 ~ 10.000 (average) minus 5000 or more
The gold you will get only a few coins >_<

If you play in Diamond Class, you don't need to pay 3000 gold for the ticket
but the bet is diamond, if you wanna win big that means you need to bet big

Plus if you win, you can get +1000 gold + cube + ranking points + 10 diamonds
I just warn you that this way is only for players that want to take a risk, don't blame me if you lose the game.

3. Rangking Point

My friend play like crazy, i cant beat their score!! How am i going to beat their score? I need to be at rank 1 to get the money prize!
There's trick for that so we can always be at rank 1

How to do it :
1. Remember your friends that have higher score than yours
2. Few minutes before reset ranking (10 mins or 5 mins), exit the game and go to your line contact
3. Block your friends' contact which has higher score than yours
4. Back to the game after the reset ranking time
5. Tralaa!! You're in the 1st place now

*NOTE : Don't forget to unblock your friends after getting your 1st place prize

Ranking reward only once per week so you need to be patient, but the prize can up to 150k gold (depends on how many friends that play get rich)
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