Tips & Trick to Win Play Let's Get Rich part-1

Here i will share some tips to win
In part 1 i will explain about using character, pendant, dice, and skill we need to win the game
In part 2, i will share some tips in game


Like i shared before, each character have their own skills
What do you think is the most important? Bonus Game? Acquire DC? or else?

Here's 3 most important skills (my version) :

dice control is very helpful in controlling your dice, with dice control you can decide to go 2 or 7 or 12.

Do you realize when you press roll button, there's a bar show up. The bar length decide short or long your move gonna be. This bar called dice indicator

From my experience, the numbers are mostly like this (see the picture)

Cheap building is allows you to buy cheaper buildings (give you discount price). The higher your cheap build is, the lower the price will be
Or You prefer Acquire dc to give you discount price on acquiring opponent's building I prefer cheap building though

This on is also important! Every time you step on Chance card it will turn into Golden Chance Card. You can get Angel, or Attack Cards, or travel world ticket etc.

*Some people may prefer Bonus Game because you can get much money from it, but i personally think its not so important.

So lets say the first winning chance is 50 : 50, the higher your bonus game is the higher winning chance will be, so lets say its gonna be 70 : 30, there's still chance to lose. I've tried character with high bonus game skill but the result is too much lose. Meanwhile i also have tried a character with low Bonus Game skill and win a lot "


These are the pendants i recommended :


Right now, the best dice is LED since it has 6 skills which gives you 3 important skill plus extra odd/even dice.


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