The Keys to Winning Clash of Clans Wars

The Keys to Winning Social Group Wars

1. Develop a war directed clan!
Make sure potential candidates apprehend that your social group takes wars seriously. Post it within the social group information, and transient new members on your expectations of them after they be part of.

2. Encourage every member to 'Earn' Their Spot in forthcoming Wars
If your social group numbers don't seem to be a multiple of five, there'll invariably be a minimum of one person (at the bottom) missed. This encourages players to push for a number of additional trophies, so they will be enclosed within the next war- and players that area unit pushing trophies area unit active. that leads U.S. to our next tip.

3. Encourage social group Members to follow Attacking!
Keep a watch on the amount of attacks won in every player's profile. If a player isn't winning attacks, and not earning stars in wars, then it should be time for a heart-to-heart.

4. Keep Track of Success / Failure From War to War
I've found that keeping a programme of war results is incredibly useful, particularly since war details solely stay within the log for 2 wars. it is important to ascertain if there area unit any members that area unit systematically not exploitation one or each of their attacks and systematically failing to win any stars in wars.

5. Reward Success!
Those who area unit particularly heroic/successful on the war piece of ground ought to be recognized for it! Either with promotions, names within the social group information for on a daily basis, a social group e-mail, or just mentioning it in social group chat. somewhat positive reinforcement will go an extended approach.

6. do not penalize Failure
Do your best to not place an excessive amount of pressure on social group members to win attacks in war. The addition of the war log has created several players way more nervous once offensive. Knowing that each one of your social group members will see what happens, whether or not you decide on thus share the replay or not, are often distressing. Encourage your members merely to undertake, win or lose. you'll see if they honestly care regarding offensive by anticipating improvement and total attacks won in their profile every season.

7. Coordination is vital
If a member has failing on AN attack on a specific opponent, encourage others to observe the replay for data that would facilitate them, ought to they favor to tackle constant opponent next. At the terribly least, they ought to be ready to see wherever the bombs, traps, and Teslas area unit, in addition as apprehend what to expect from the social group Castle.

8. Bring specialised Armies
The one large advantage to social group Wars versus regular battles is that the undeniable fact that you recognize that base layout you'll be offensive before you start. This way, you'll produce the right troop composition for the attack, primarily based upon things like wall levels, defence placement, social group Castle troop choice (from #7), Heroes' level, and X-Bow and Inferno Tower settings.

9. goop Your NSPA (New Stars Per Attack)
Strongly encourage social group members to not attack a village that has already been one-starred, till ALL villages have received a minimum of one star.

10. Encourage Members to Attack the Strongest Opponent They Feel comfy With
The social group War can invariably provides a 'suggested opponent", however this is not invariably the most effective strategy. this is often very true in clans wherever not all members have constant level troops or government building.

Also, bound members could feel way more comfy offensive a particular kind layout than another. Confidence could be a key towards victories!

11. begin Wars once abundant of the social group is on-line
By doing this, you produce a positive, war-oriented atmosphere. because the war starts, members' excitement builds, and that they area unit desirous to get out on the piece of ground and win some stars for the clan! that leads U.S. to ensuing tip...

12. Build AN Early, demoralising Lead (if possible)
Jumping bent on a large lead in stars won will usually demoralize the opposing clan! If they see they're way, far behind, their attacks could also be lackluster, or they'll not even complete several of their attacks.

13. certify Members area unit exploitation Their Attacks
Encourage social group members to let leadership apprehend if they're progressing to be inaccessible throughout a social group war. That way, they will briefly drop from the social group throughout the social group War choice method, and permit different active players to participate. you cannot win a star if you do not attack! It's higher to own AN overmatched player provides it a attempt than to own a better level player merely not use his or her attacks.

Another useful thanks to guarantee this is often to create how for members to contact one another outside of the sport. The mobile applications 'Line' or 'Kik' work well for this.

14. certify the social group Castles area unit crammed Properly
If in any respect potential, certify all social group castles area unit crammed with the very best level troops potential. If this suggests solely a number of of your high members are going to be filling social group castles, encourage them to try to to thus.

15. Scout, Scout, Scout
Use preparation day! Take this twenty four hours to own players look over the opponents' bases, and discuss ways in social group chat! Be specific. "Do you think that GoWiWi would work well on #18, if I came from rock bottom right?" Collaborate with different members to form a winning troop combine and set up of attack.

16. seek for Similar Bases
-Often AN opposing social group can have many members with precisely the same village layout (or terribly similar). Once one has been defeated, the replay are often used as a reference for all different social group members.

If you use these techniques and suggestions, you'll doubtless see way more success in social group wars, and your social group ought to have additional fun militant, as well!


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