How to Get S+ Characters Line Let's Get Rich

It's been a while since my last Line Let's Get Rich post, and unsurprisingly, Moodoo Online and Line as the publishers still keep Let's Get Rich as one of the most favorite game played. I believe one of the reason that Let's Get Rich still maintain its position, is because they keep the updates coming for the players.

Since their last Indonesian map addition, Let's Get Rich have added two more maps in their category maps including Space and Theme Park Map. With these additional maps, Let's Get Rich also introducing some new gameplays. So, they didn't just create and adding new maps, but also introduce some unique experiences for each map we're playing with.

For example, a new gameplay called 'Black Hole' was firstly introduced in Space Map. With Black Hole, players now can choose a city/chance/start/anything as the base trap when they build a landmark. Then when the enemy's dice fall in that trap, they will be warped into that player's landmark.

Not just adding maps, Let's Get Rich also adding new pendants and characters in a regular basis. Sometimes the characters is just a re-skin version of the older characters, but also can be exclusive characters that can only be acquired by certain condition. Like the latest update, Let's Get Rich introduced a brand new S+ characters. Most of the S+ cards are actually a re-skin version of the old cards; of course, the stats is in a different level.

Active players are also one of Let's Get Rich biggest concern. It seems as if they're trying really hard to invite players to come back and be active with the game. That's why in this game, active players are offered premium currencies (diamonds) by re-inviting their friends that have played Let's Get Rich. These inactive friends then will be sent a message from Line. The message sometimes could be a promotional event, but also can be a premium currency offering.

To get S+ characters, you need to have at least three S cards. Maximize the level of these 3 cards. Once you fully upgrade the three of them, choose two S cards that's less useful compared to other. Combining these two S cards will result a new S+ card. Keep using the last S card until you have leveled up your new S+ card to level 15.

The other way to get an S+ Character is to complete the album collection. As you can see in the screenshot below, if you get these particular set of characters, you'd be able to unlock the S+ Character right away. Or, if you have enough money, you can also get the S+ Character by opening premium pack. Well, the last advice is a bit hard if not impossible. There's only a little chance to get this S+ card, even the chance are higher for you in getting S Card.

Oh, there's also a chance for you to get S+ Character when you're opening cube. The only setback (obviously) is that the cube has to be either diamond cube or ancient cube. Wooden or Silver definitely won't give you any S+ Character.

Actually there are no best pendants in Line Let's Get Rich. However, since we can equip up to 4 pendants, we have to choose our pendants carefully. What more important for me is using a pendant that brought luck and enhance the dice control.

The most favorite pendant that has been used by top rank players is Shining Top Racer’s Helmet. This pendant has an ability to increase dice control. As for me, I love using Eagle’s Toe Nail because it can bring us luck and also increase our starting money. There are several other pendants that also great for accompanying our game such as Traveler’s Compass and Lady Noo-Yim’s Phone. These two pendants make us draw a travelling invitation of the first fortune card.

The bottom line, is that you have to use as much pendant as possible that will bring you “extra” luck. That's the most important tips for choosing your pendants.

Basically, each character has an ability that equally useful if we compare to each other’s. But, S+ cards always have more advantages since they are the highest class. Moreover, S+ character has a unique ability that works like pendants. This ability also enhanced when we enhance the card.

According to the ability stats, Tricia S+ has 6 out of 7 ability that above 50 of 100 points, which means more likely above average. However, if we compared those character’s unique abilities, I personally prefer an ability to neutralize opponent’s shield card. That ability is owned by S+ character Sheep Noo-Yim and S+ character Sally.

Usually (and most likely) the latest dice is the best dice to use. The latest dice and also the best one so far is Pearl Dice. Looking to its point, Pearl Dice has the highest ability point of all dices.

First of all, I personally think that maps is a personal preference. Perhaps someone would prefer playing in Space Map because of the black hole gameplay, or Indonesian Map because of the name of the cities.

For me, I personally think that Theme Park Map is the best one. I have some reasons that can back up my opinion. First, because unlike the other maps, Theme Park Map only needs us to acquire 4 places for winning Tourism Monopoly, where the other maps require 5 places.

Second, in Theme Park Map, every area only have two fields to aacquire. This also would increase the chance of winning Triple Monopoly. Third, Theme Park Map doesn't have Tax field, so we don't have to pay for anything else besides opponent’s property.


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