Guide Clash of Clans for Avoiding Failure

17 Essential Tips for Avoiding Epic Fails

1. Do not get Your Golems in an exceedingly Bunch
Golems have lots of hit points, and work well to shield alternative, additional vulnerable units.  If your Golems square measure all on prime of every alternative, they're going to do a poor job providing protect your Wizards, Witches, and also the like. unfold those Golems out and use them to 'tank' those defenses whereas your high harm per second units move in from behind and remove those buildings.

2. Do not combine Your Troops
Stick with a winning, verified attack strategy. commixture air and ground units isn't a decent plan.  Watch others' replays and learn from them. you'll be able to adapt the military composition to your liking- however if you've got ne'er seen anybody attempt it, it should be as a result of it is not a good attack.

3. Hey! Watch wherever you are Aiming That Thing!
Spell placement. you will hear this over and yet again in my videos. several battles square measure won or lost just by wherever you drop the spells.

  • Rage spells - Watch closely, apprehend that buildings your units square measure headed towards, and anticipate their movements.  Drop those rages earlier than them, in order that they use the realm of result longer.
  • Lightning spells - watch for simply the correct moment. unleash your lightning timely, and you will miss the troops your aiming for.  If you are attempting to zap those kin castle troops, watch for them to bunch up approximate.
  • Freeze spells - try and drop them over as several defensive structures quickly as doable. apprehend the radius of result, and time it for once your units would like it the foremost.
  • Jump spells - do not drop your jump spells wherever you would like your units to travel, drop them wherever they're going.  Again, apprehend every unit's behavior, and check out to anticipate their movement.

4. Ne'er Underestimate the miscroscopic Guy
Watch out for those kin Castle troops.  If not controlled properly, they'll lay waste to a decent attack.  If you cannot pull them out and find eliminate them at the start of AN attack, certify you are ready with a lightning spell, or a rage spell and some additional units, simply just in case.

5. Do not Zap Drags
Don't waste a lightning spell on a Dragon.  If a Dragon comes out of the opposing kin Castle, you'll have to trot out it in a different way.  Save the lightning spell for alittle building, or another attack.

6. Clear The Realm
If you are {trying|making AN attempt|attempting} to urge your units to the middle of an opposing village, you'll have to recollect that the majority units head towards the nighest standing structure. you'll have to clear the encircling buildings to the left and also the right 1st.

7. Do not choose the Gappers
'Gap' bases, with tempting very little spots for you to deploy your troops, is dishonorable.  Usually, most of your opponents' defenses square measure ordered get into the way in order that they'll hearth on it spot the instant the battle begins.  Also, the spot will not be really easy to search out once the battle starts- and you will have a troublesome time clicking thereon quickly to deploy additional troops.

8. Do not Leave Your Healers Hanging
Make sure your Healers square measure well off from Air defenses throughout AN attack.  Also, if you are employing a rage spell, try and get them among the realm of result for best results.

9. Do not Cross the Streams
When offensive a base with 2 Inferno Towers, it's best to line them up- in order that you are solely facing one at a time. 2 multi-targeting Infernos will incinerate ten of your little units in precisely some seconds, ANd untimely finish an attack.

10. Do not get Splashed
Watch out for the splash harm from defensive units like Wizard Towers and Mortars.  Avoid, in any respect prices, deploying most of your units in an exceedingly little cluster close to them. simply some hits and you'll lose everything.  Instead, use larger units like Giants and Golems to move towards them, and unfolded units behind, like Wizards, Witches, and Archers to require them out.

11. Do not Over-Estimate Witches
Sure, the Witch is a robust unit, generating skeletons each few seconds throughout a battle. However, she's terribly fragile. you would like to deploy Witches off from defenses to grant them time to create up their skeleton army.

12. Bring Your Friends!
If in any respect doable, certify you bring a full kin Castle and each your King and Queen to each battle, notwithstanding you do not arrange on victimization them. it is usually sensible to own a security web.

13. Do not bit Pine Tree State There!
Pay attention once attacking- particularly once employing a smaller screen like that of a phone.  One wrong bit and you'll be able to deploy your troops within the wrong spot, or anger a tree within the middle of the forest.

14. Work Wallbreakers sagely
Know how several wall breakers square measure needed for the work you would like them to try and do. do not waste them by causing in too many- and be careful for flying mortar shells. try and time their unleash in order that they dodge those huge bullets.

15. Watch Your Step
Look out for bombs and traps. send take a look at units if in any respect doable before committing an outsized variety of troops to a particular space. many battle has been lost once a whole contingent of Wizards or Witches square measure destroyed in an immediate.

16. Check Your Spel-ling
Make sure your spells square measure prepared before seeking a village to attack. countercheck your inventory to create certain you haven't forgotten them.

17. Ne'er anger a Raging King
The King's special rage ability and also the Rage spell don't stack on one another. do not use them along.

These tips square measure faraway from blanket, however square measure a decent begin to serving to you win additional attacks, and avoiding painful and expensive failures!


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