Tips and Strategy for Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans, Supercell's blockbuster mobile app, currently on the market for each Apple and Android devices, has over twenty nine million daily users! COC dependant

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Our goal is to assist navigate you safely through the planet of Clash of Clans. among this web site, you'll notice everything from beginner tips and basic ways, to how-to guides for leveling up and gaining trophies, gold, and elixir, yet as additional advanced ways for giant NUMBERS farming, chasing cups to Champion, and BEYOND!

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5 Fast Tips to Boost Your Clash of Clans Experience

1. Do not Rush Your government building
Although it wont to be aforementioned that you just got to upgrade all of your buildings to most before upgrading your government building, this is not essentially true. looking forward to buildings to upgrade will take FOREVER- and saving up enough to get the upgrades will typically leave you a first-rate target for farming raids. Instead, take into account trying to maximise your wall levels when before you upgrade, and work your thanks to government building seven. For many, city Halls seven and eight square measure thought-about the most effective spots for farming and creating defensive upgrades. Once here, you'll pay your gold sagely and work on upgrading your different structures. it's usually thought-about an honest plan to totally upgrade all of your defensive structures before upgrading your government building past level eight.

2. Select Your Battles Fastidiously
Don't be afraid to hit that 'Next' button! generally passing simply some villages can land you on an ideal candidate for your army composition and talent. Remember, every 'Next' prices to a small degree additional at every government building level, however it are often well worthwhile once you land on your initial six figure day.

3. Upgrade your highest injury structures initial
Defensive structures that injury multiple targets right away (Wizard Towers, Mortars) ought to be at the highest of the list for upgrades. Next, check up on the number of injury per second (DPS) that the opposite structures do. typically an honest third alternative is your Teslas, that do a good deal of injury as they're upgraded.

4. Be a part of a useful kin group, and learn from them
Watch replays, raise queries, and share information once you will. It's a part of what makes Clash of Clans most fun to play.

5. Last however not least, relish the sport
Get what you wish out of it. If you prefer predatory others' gold storages for each coin you'll, go for it. If it's trophies you wish, chase them down! notice a kin group and friends with similar goals.