VidMate Install for Mobile

Vidmate Movie for Mobile - Here I will be able to show you steps to install Vidmate on Android using APK file. This application is against to Google Play store terms & conditions. But with no second thought you can rely on this application for streaming videos and music.

VidMate Install for Mobile | ITweet Guide
VidMate Install for Mobile

Steps Vidmate Install for Android

Step 1 : Before installing the. APK file you have to select install unknown sources. For you‘ll want to attend Settings Security.

Step 2 : Get VidMate Versi 3.27 >>  (copy and send your crome browser)

Step 3 : Click. APK file and follow instructions carefully to finish the installation. If you would like installing procedure then read below steps also. If you‘re popular of installing. APK then you are able to skip this.

Step 4 : Now tap on downloaded. APK coming from the browser or else location of file downloaded. After that accept everything and await sometime.

Step 5 : Down! Vidmate is installed correctly with your device. Now open and watch millions of videos at no cost.

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Vidmate App Review

What is Vidmate? It‘s a fastest downloader for Android smartphones. Millions of HD movies, Music & YouTube videos can be found to download using Vidmate. Easy, fast & totally free to obtain within your Android mobile. This is the greatest Tubemate alternative available for Android mobiles or Tablets. People thought App like Tubemate Isn‘t available for Android but vidmate developers caused it to be for those.

Vidmate App Best Features

  • It always searches & finds Videos and Music from video hosting providers like Youtube, Dailymotion & other web media sites.
  • You could find popular sites on homepage itself. This can help you for easy & quick navigation. Naturally you are able to directly visit YouTube, Facebook, DailyTube, Mrvideo, Topvideos, Dailymotion, HDvideoz, FreeAppStore, HDking, Bkmp3, Songmazaa, Songslelo, Mymp4, instagram, Liveleak & more top sites.
  • There will be different tabs for different media types like movies, music, TV shows, Live TV & videos.
  • From menu my video tab you are able to watch all of your mobile videos at one place.
  • You will find the setting upon the menu tab to modify settings consistent with your convenience. There will be sort of settings like notification of latest stuff, playing video resolution, places to download videos in your mobile / memory card, multiple downloads count, switching to fast download mode, subtitle downloads with different languages & updating options of Vidmate can be found.
Vidmate App Review | ITWeet Guide
ViMate App Review

  • You are able to attend any website which you already visited from history option.
  • You are able to add your favorite movies, music & websites to favorite tab.
  • You are able to download Android applications and games which are trending and got top downloads crown.
  • You are able to take control over your downloading items coming from the direct download symbol given above right corner from the application.
  • Developers provided a filter choice to every media type. Through the use of this awesome choice you are able to pick videos with different Genres, tags, Language, year and collection.
  • In built search option is given to obtain your kind media.
  • If you need to download any video or MP3 song then open it and press download button on the highest right corner.
  • Whenever you search a little bit of advice it finds movies, applications, songs, albums, TV shows & videos regarding that word.
  • In Live TV tab you will get numerous different type of media videos. You are able to watch Movies, News, Sports, Radio, Beauty tips, kid related stuff & other different media.

Vidmate Downloader Video HD

Vidmate Downloader Video HD - This post will probably be a fast guide to download Vidmate application for Android. This application is extremely useful to look, watch & download videos and music at no cost. If you‘re surfing the web for best video downloader for Android and then it is the greatest choice for you personally. It really works as Google for online videos, trailers, movies, music & more.

Vidmate Download Video | ITweet guide
VidMate Downloader Video

There happen to be millions of applications developed for Android smartphones since Google launched first Android operating system. Android OS designed a huge influence on technology and communication over mobile. It brought lots of entertainment too. During this space of entertainment there will be numerous applications are developed to serve in watching videos online.

During this post I want to demonstrate the entire process of downloading Vidmate application with basic steps. In case you really prefer to surf videos with Vidmate Android application then It‘s highly recommended to learn every best feature of the application.

UC Browser Tricks and Tips


UC Browser Tricks and Tips + Useful How to Guides

 UC Browser Tricks and Tips | I Tweet Guide
 UC Browser Tricks and Tips | I Tweet Guide

UC Browser is the most popular mobile web browser in the world. Millions of people are using it, maybe you are of them. But, most of those millions don’t know about some cool features of UC Browser, it has some unique and interesting features which most of the browsers don’t offer or have. After using it for pretty long, I thought it would be great to write about some tips and tricks regarding features of UC Browser and how these features can be helpful to you.
So here in this post you will learn about some features (maybe unknown to you) of UC Browser which will give you more power when surfing the web on your mobile device. Even if you are an expert or geek I’m sure that you will find something useful reading this post, make sure to at least check all the headings.
So why waiting, Jump to the main part of the post and check the UC Browser Tips and Tricks Below.

Import-Export-Sync your Bookmarks from UC Browser

You visit many web pages but only few of them are special which are saved in your bookmark. If you use many devices at one go then, you may also need to transfer your bookmarks from the one to another device.
Doing this is pretty easy in UC Browser. You can import, export your bookmarks and even sync them between all your devices.
For doing this go to bookmarks from the Menu in UC Browser and sign in with your account. Now you have to sign in to all your device where you are using the UC Browser so that all these devices can get the bookmarks using the sync feature. You can see the import and export option near the bookmarks, so use them to import your bookmarks and create a backup of them.

Block-Ads using UC Browser

Some websites are damn ugly, because they have ads everywhere. People create them because, they just want to make money by showing ads to the users. Now when you face this kind of problem you normally just avoid the site and use another one. But, what if you really need to access that website.
In these cases UC Browser will help you, there is a built in feature in UC Browser which blocks all the ads on any website. I think they have include this to make web surfing experience faster, but ironically this is pretty helpful also. You can check the ad-blocking settings from the menu of UC Browser.

Find any name word in Page with UC Browser

In case you need to find any specific word or text in any web page you can use the Find in Page feature of UC Browser instead of manually checking the entire document.
Go to the menu, there you will find this feature. I think you will find this find in page feature of uc browser really helpful.

Take Screenshot of Webpages using UC Browser

We often need to take screenshots of webpages, in android you can easily take screenshot by pressing the power button and volume down keys at the same time. But, do you know that you can take screenshots of websites directly from UC Browser itself.
For doing this open menu and in the second tile of menu you will see a screenshot option. Recently they have included some Called UC Doddles with the screenshots feature so now you can add customized doddles to your web screenshots using UC Browser. For doing this you may need to use the latest version of UC Browser.

Enable Night Mode on UC Browser

Night mode is one of the most useful feature which UC Browser has. You can enable light mode from the menu to take care of your eyes at night. It will reduce the screen light to protect your eyes from extra light at night. I love this feature of UC Browser. Whenever I browse the web late night I turn night mode on.

Use Themes to Customize UC Browser

You can use any image you want as a theme for UC Browser. Go to Settings> themes and select any theme available there or you can use any image of your phone as a background image of UC Browser. Using themes is a great idea, this will give a new customized look to your UC Browser.

View Web Sites as Desktop on UC Browser

 Sometimes you may need to visit websites as desktop mode, you can use the UC Browser to do so. Just Go to menu and deselect zoom mode to view websites as desktop device.

Add Random Websites to the Speed Dial of UC Browser
The Speed dial feature of UC browser makes the web browsing faster. You can see that some websites are added to the speed dial as default, but you can remove then just long press on any speed dial and you will see the option to remove that. After you remove the default websites from speed dial you can add any website to that space.
For adding any random website that you have visited before to the speed dial (homepage and new tab) of UC Browser you have to go to history on UC Browser (from menu) and tap on the page which you want to add to speed dial and then click on add it to the speed dial.

Share Webpages to Social Networks from UC Browser

Now a day’s most of the popular websites have a build in sharing option so that you can share those web pages website on social media. But, in case you are unable to find those share buttons you can manually share the web pages on various popular social media networks like Facebook, twitter, Google plus and etc. using UC Browser.

How To Choose a Profile Picture in Badoo

If you wish meeting new people all over the planet or with your local area, then Badoo is that the right community for you personally. Badoo is a web community that first launched in 2006. You are able to share photos, upload videos, promote yourself, and share your daily life with other members on Badoo. The very best feature is you have control over your audience.

How To Choose a Profile Picture in Badoo | I Tweet Guide

Badoo How To Choose Profile Picture

  • Know which you should be 18 years of age. To your own personal safety because there might be some material on Badoo which is not ideal for individuals which are underage.
  • Make a decision what current email you would like to use. Pick an address that‘s valid–your current email will certainly be your profile address on Badoo.

  • Fill the registration form. The form will ask for the current email, a password for Badoo that needs to be a minimum of five characters long, your first name, your last name, gender, date of birth and location.
  • Go through “Terms of Use” section. It is necessary which you familiarize yourself using the rules and regulations. Badoo reserves the ideal to alter any material they feel violates their terms anytime.
  • Verify your current email. An email is sent towards the address you provided whenever you click “Become a Member. ” Badoo will send you a link inside the email that could verify your information. When the verification is complete, you‘re a participant in Badoo.

How to Choose a Badoo Profile Tips & Warnings

  • Never give your personal information to a person which you don’t know.

IMO Free Video Calls and Chat

IMO Free Video Calls and Text lets you keep in touch with family and friends however you want to for free, no matter how far away they are. Through this service, you can make video or audio calls, send images, and send text messages without worrying about overseas charges, text limits, or going over on your minutes.

Group Chat: If you have several friends or family members that you'd like to be able to chat with as a group, all you have to do is add them to a group and you can all participate in the same conversation. This is a fun way to keep in touch, and it couldn't be easier to do.

Intuitive interface: The app presents all options clearly, so you won't have any trouble figuring out how to do what you want to do. You can Invite Friends, start a New Group, access existing Groups, and browse through your individual Contacts all from the same page, and when you do want to call or text someone, buttons are clearly displayed on that person's Contact page.

Only IMO users: You can only use this app to communicate with other IMO users. So if you have a lot of friends and family members who already use the service or are willing to sign up, it can be very useful. But if you don't, you won't get much out of it.

Bottom Line

IMO Free Video Calls and Text is a useful and convenient app, provided you know other people who use it or who are willing to join. It's completely free to download and use, and it can save you on overage charges or other fees associated with using your regular cellular service.

IMO Free Video Calls available

IMO on Google Play in here

IMO on IOS in here

How to Start Chat Badoo

If you‘re seeking to share your daily life with the people of the globe, then Badoo is that the site for you personally. Members from all over the planet post their profiles upon the site in an effort to connect along with users. Share your thinking by writing your own personal Badoo blog entry.

How To Chat at Badoo

  • Sign in or join Badoo. When you have never registered like a member, you must do this first before posting a brand new Badoo entry. After filling out a registration form and confirming your email, you will be ready to log in.
  • Find “Create New Entry” at the highest of your respective Badoo homepage. You’re then redirected to a really simple entry form.
  • Give the blog entry a title and show you story. At the highest from the page, Badoo provides some writing suggestions, but you are able to post anything you want.

  • Upload a photograph or video to incorporate using the entry. You are able to make people feel as if they shared the experience along with you by adding photos within your entry. You are able to typically fit a few pictures with your Badoo entry.
  • Alter privacy settings. Before you decide to submit the new entry, make a decision who are able to view your entry. You are able to allow admittance to members only, friends only or nobody besides yourself.
  • Edit or delete your Badoo entry from the profile page. If you need to see other members’ entries, visit their profiles.

How To Chat in Badoo Tips & Warnings

  1. Remember to examine often for comments within your entries. You may also post comments with other member’s entries.
  2. Don’t post any raunchy or explicit pics along with your Badoo entry. This violates the site’s terms of use policy.

Top Rated Badoo

How to Become Top Rated at Badoo - Badoo is extremely popular to publish pictures on the web. You‘ll often wonder that is taking a look at your photos as well as what they think about you. Badoo is a web community that enables its members to rate one another. Additionally they let you observe who has got rated you as well as what rating they gave you.

How to Become Badoo Top Rated | I Tweet Guide
Yana Badoo Top Rated 12

How to Vote for Top Rated at Badoo

  • Choose or take photographs. You‘ll need a minimum of three pictures before any person can rate yourself on Badoo. Have fun taking pictures or pick from the recent photos. Pick photos that complement you and show off your very best property.
  • Upload your photos. Badoo makes uploading your pictures super easy. Go through “terms of use” before you decide to upload any photographs. There will be rules and regulations which you must follow like a participant in Badoo.

  • Wait. Wait and see as other members review your photos and rate them. It might take a bit of time before it causes you to become top rated on Badoo. So long as you remain active on Badoo, you‘ll become top rated before you will know it.
  • Rate other members. By rating other members, this‘ll increase visitors to your profile. Hopefully, this‘ll increase your rating as others go to your profile. This also will help care your rating high after you have turn into a top-rated user.
  • Turn into a “Top-Rated” user. Once your average gets high enough, you‘ll turn into a top-rated member. Badoo also allows you to look for other top-rated users in your town or worldwide.

Top Rated Badoo Tips & Warnings

  1. Update and alter photos regularly.
  2. Be mindful of any information you share on the web. 

Candy Face Camera Selfie

Candy Face Camera Selfie is a powerful photo editor which we created because included all the tools you need, in a super intuitive interface so you can get right to editing.

Best Features:
● One-tap auto enhance
● Gorgeous photo effects and frames
● Fun stickers
● Color balance
● Crop, rotate, and straighten your photo
● Adjust brightness, contrast, color temperature, and saturation
● Sharpen and blur
● Color temperature ("Warmth")
● Color Splash
● Focus (Tilt Shift)
● Draw and add text
● Cosmetic tools: fix red eye, remove blemishes and whiten teeth

You can share everywhere:
● Facebook
● Instagram
● Twitter
● Snap Chat
● Pinterest
● email, etc

Photo management tools:
* Use pictures from gallery or take instant pictures from camera.
* Edited pictures saved to gallery, as a way to edit and consider again.
* Viewing is not difficult, utilizing your finger to swipe and zoom images ( two finger zoom ).

A detailed inclusive photo editor with many different effects, stickers, frame, as well as other tools you may need !

App available on Android version: Google Play

How to Vote on Badoo

Perhaps one of the coolest reasons for Badoo is the top rated system. Badoo goes beyond a traditional social-networking site and provides you the chance to become an instant star in your own personal social circle. Understanding how to vote for top rated at Badoo is pretty straightforward and you’ll soon find yourself addicted to promoting others’ profiles to stardom.

How to Vote on Badoo | I Tweet Guide

How to Vote for Top Rated at Badoo

  • Log in within your Badoo account.
  • See the network. At the highest from the website, a gray navigation bar lets you attend several places upon the website. The “Browse” option is what you employ to locate friends and locate contacts. Whenever you first arrived at the “Browse” page, you discover a listing of the hottest Badoo members at this time. The website changes quickly, so that you could jump in and begin voting immediately.

  • Look into the profiles you would like to see. Simply click the name from the profile you’re curious about. Scroll through his journals and picks and when you wish him, you are able to vote for him by using the Badoo system. Inside the right corner from the profile is a little green square by having an up arrow onto it. Click it to promote this profile to a better ranking.
  • Forgo all of it and vote immediately if you would like. Whenever you first be visible on the website and find out possibilities of individuals, you are able to vote to the confident people instantly without even viewing their profiles. This can be a quick method to vote for pictures which you like.